The idea of this music project was born in the head of Martin Pokorny a long time ago. Since he was 15 he started playing the guitar and some time later he began composing his own music. From 2010 until 2012, the best pieces have been finished and were recorded in several sessions in the "Reset Studio". You can hear them on the first album "Wish inside a Mind". At the end of 2012, Florian Langeder entered the project as drummer and shortly after they named their project "Behind Helios". Now we are looking for a bass player to let the show begin!

Martin Pokorny
About: Music and art in general brings color to the gray world, it´s awesome and fun.
Instruments: Guitar, Vocals, Samplers
Equipment: Epiphone Lespaul Standard with Saymour Duncan SH-1 und SH-6, Peavey 5150, Marshall Box with Celestion V30, Pod HD 300, Cort SFX 5BK, Audix OM2, Roland Street Cube
Favorite Bands: Rattle Bucket, In Flames, FURT, Vypsaná Fixa, Gob
Favorite Musicians: Farin Urlaub, Radim Věžník, Jesper Strömbald, Björn Gelotte, Márdi, Tim Sköld, Tom Thracker, Ryan Martine and Fieldy
Hobbys: Sociology, Philosophy, Cycling, Nordic Walking

Florian Langeder
About: I am enyoing a wide range of music (from neofolk to black metal) since i was about 10 years old and now trying to bring my inspirations to original music.
Instruments: Drums, Piano, Cello
Equipment: Yamaha DTXplorer, Yamaha DFP-9500D Double Bass Pedal, yamaha dgx 205 keyboard, Thomann Gothic Black Cello
Favorite Bands: Empyrium, Tenhi, Unexpect, Enter Shikari
Favorite Musicians: Ulf Theodor Schwadorf, Zbigniew Robert "Inferno" Promiński, Jochen "Eviga" Stock, Gau­tier Serre
Hobbys: Programming, Playing and composing music (obviously)